It has been almost impossible to get back into the routine since Littlest Man was born.  Yes, a good part of it has been the wonderful ability to have the two older kids spend extra time with friends and family while we/I work to get adjusted but the majority of it has been due to the fact that I have just been way too tired.  Even though the sleepless nights have been nothing different than the two older kids I have found it much harder to cope with the less sleep this time around.  I am sure it is due to the fact that daytime with the older kids does not lead to rest time as it did when the first one came around.  Sleep deprivation is indeed a very uncomfortable form of torture.

Success is occurring, however, in very small doses.  One day last week we were able to accomplish a good, maybe I should say acceptable amount of school – a task that has been put on the wayside for over a month. Success also occurred as I baked brownies for a funeral held at the church (ok only moderate success here as they were ever so slightly undercooked and still way to warm to cut before I left the house but that is what makes them good, right?) and got Pretty Girl to her music class on time.  Big Man even worked on his workbook page and a busy bag without complaint or interruption during the class.

The beautiful sunny afternoon called for nothing else but time spent outside.  With the temperatures reaching into the high 80s and me wondering if it wasn’t getting close to pool time nothing seemed like a better play theme than water.   I kept it simple here, giving the kids each a bowl with small cups to fill, a spoon to use, a straw for blowing bubbles, a water bottle with holes for the fun of it and a cap just in case.  Notice that the bowls are almost identical with identical objects placed in them and spaced just far enough apart so that each child should be able to play in their own bowl without distracting or getting distracted or maybe more rightly put “annoyed” by the other.  I have grand visions of them being able to play with things like this together and having a great time doing it but right now those things are just that; visions.  For now I will enjoy the moments that they get to explore on their own and the seconds that they do end up working on those together.

Success!  Yes!  The morning went well, the kids were feed, the time outside was enjoyable.  Time for the older kids to lay down for a nap, Littlest Man to get changed and me to take a quick snooze.  RIPPLE in the WATER!  Littlest Man’s diaper change leads to an unexpected visit to the doctor and a late night at the ER.  Was I getting too confident?


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