Rocks, Rocks Everywhere!

One main curriculum that we have used this year for homeschooling has been My Father’s World. I love this curriculum and definitely plan to use it again next year.

One of the things that I have enjoyed about the Kindergarten level in this curriculum is the way it is broken into themes.  This ends up being a perfect way to focus our curiosity and organize our weeks.  In the past we have talked about everything from the sun and the moon to the apples and the octopus.  This week’s theme was ROCKS.  We started off the week by reading about the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who built his house on the sand (Matthew 7:24-29).  We discussed how Jesus is our rock and how important it is to listen and obey and build our own life on the rock of Jesus.

We read books about rocks and Big Man discovered that they have different names depending on how they are formed and different hardness depending on how they can be scratched.  Next, we embarked on a nature hunt for….? You guessed it! ROCKS! I started off asking them to find 10 of the coolest rocks they could find.  This soon proved to be way too small of a number as I quickly realized that preschoolers and toddlers care very little about looking closely for the cool factor and way more about being the quickest to get their basket the fullest.   Once we got home, a bowl full of soapy water and a scrub brush was all they needed for another 30 minutes of entertainment.  It was at this point that just a couple of those cool factors started to make a bit of sense.  Big Man began to notice some of the differences in their shapes and colors.  This was 30 minutes well spent….for ALL of us.

Later in the week I was glad that they thought it more exciting to collect a basket of rocks.  We ended up using this rocks to sort and order.  We put them in a row from smallest to largest and then from lightest in color to darkest.  We even found that the basket of rocks made, challenging but yet still fun, building blocks.  They could be manipulated and turned in different directions and we played around with them trying to see how tall we could get them to stack before they all came tumbling down (or got knocked over by Pretty Girl, whichever one occurred first).

We used our theme of rocks to also talk about what objects float and which ones sink.  Along with various other objects Big Man predicated that the littlest of rocks would float while the larger ones would sink.  He was so excited to see he was right when his largest rock fell to the bottom of the bucket but quite surprised to discover so did the itty bitty one too.  I believe his comment was “HEY!”  We also tried markers, balls, apples, water bottles, paper clips and various other objects.  He sorted all the objects into those that would sink and those that would float and now will proudly tell you that the size of the object does not matter.  It is wether or not the object has air inside that determines if it will sink or float.

For added fun I found a paper version of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors and we finished our week by pulling out the acrylics and painting rock people (and a few monsters).  It has been a fun and full week of many ROCK DISCOVERIES and who knows, there just may be a rock monster family production at our house tonight.


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