Busy Bees

Rest time hit today and I decided to pick up the camera and head outside.  In the herb garden the rosemary has bloomed and there was a great number of bees busily moving from one bloom to another indulging in the sweetness of the plant’s nectar.  It’s not very often that I will hang around a bunch of bees but these guys were so pre-occupied that I knew I could hang without causing too  much distraction.  I watched and photographed them for quite some time.  As I watched I was reminded of all of the pieces in God’s beautiful creation and significance that each plays on the other.  These bees were busy!  They were moving back and forth from bloom to stem back to bloom and onto leaves.  They barely stopped.  They had a job to do and a limited time to do it.  They were following the pattern that God set up for them many many years ago.  No distractions, just the playing out of that which is before them.  It was one beautiful thing to watch.

Sometimes I feel like the bee.  I am always busy buzzing around from one thing to another.  I always feel like I have things to do and am always strapped to get them done in a limited amount of time.  However, unlike the bee I am not just following the pattern of nature.  I am given the choices.

I read an excerpt from a book the other day that pointed out that we, as humans, are the only species that have to ask “what should I eat?”.  While it was food that I was researching at the time, this statement really made me think about us humans and the abundances of choices that are in front of us for everything we do.

For all other animals there are no “choices”.  There is simply the “what is”.  The rabbit does not look at the abundance of my garden vegetables in front of him and contemplate which one he wishes to devour first nor does the blue bird spend a huge amount of time strategizing in which tree he will build his nest.  They just do what God created them to do.

Now think about us.  Just visualize the aisle of a grocery store and the immense number of salad dressings that exist and one can go crazy with the choices that we have to make.  That’s just salad dressing?  As humans, we have to make choices on just about everything.  What will we eat?  When will we eat?  How much will we eat?  How will we spend out money?  How will we earn that money that money that we spend?  What time will we go to bed?  What time will we wake up?  How will we do the laundry?  What detergent will we use when we do it?  What will we wear today?  What will our children wear today?  What book will we pick up?  Will we pick up a book?  How will be spend our time?

Those are just the simple ones.  We are also confronted each and every moment with even greater choices that impact who we are as individuals and who those around us are as individuals.  Wow, choices come with some great responsibility.

I love choices.  I like that I don’t have to follow the mold that is set up by those around me.  I like that I can do what I want to to do, essentially when I want to do it.  But I also want to remember the bees.  The bees do what is natural.  They gather the nectar and pollenate the plants.  They mate and lay eggs.  They even occasionally sting.  Their goal is for survival and work to accomplish that by doing nothing but what God intended for them to do.

Yes, my goal is different. My goal is to live out the glory of God.  But, I am not so sure that all the choices I make and all of the busyness I create for myself exemplifies that true plan.   Maybe, there are days that I need to set back, let nature lead the way and get busy like the bee; forgetting all of the choices that are in front of me and simply let God set the pattern for how things should go.  Beautiful busy bees!

FYI, Now I have an itching for a macro lens.  I have an interest to get even closer to those busy bees.

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One thought on “Busy Bees

  1. “Maybe, there are days that I need to set back, let nature lead the way and get busy like the bee; forgetting all of the choices that are in front of me and simply let God set the pattern for how things should go. ”

    Beautiful. Profound. What a great idea to take your camera out in the quiet moments to capture and ponder the beauty around us!

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