Beautiful Summer Night

Did I mention that I LOVE photography?  Did I also mention that I know so very little about how to get those amazing pictures?  And did I happen to point out that I WANT to get better.

I am working on it, every chance I get.  So last night when we loaded the kids into the van and crammed in the stroller and bikes for a bike ride  my camera was right by my side.

I will have to say it was quite a sight.  Me, taking numerous test shots in order to get the exposure just right.  Getting a few shots in only to have to change the settings because the sun was setting AND my (not-so-eager-to-slow-down) subjects were quickly moving in and out of wooded areas.  And best of all my obvious lack of skill as I pushed the stroller with one hand and held the camera with the other all while running to keep up with the bikes that were moving much faster than I out in front.  Did you catch the part about having to constantly change my settings?

I am not the best at descriptive writing but I sure hope you can get the picture…professional photographer I am not.

With all of that fooling around this is one of the few shots I actually got

When I finally got tired of chasing the bikes, (reminder, stroller in one hand and camera in the other) I slowed to a walk.  I stopped as I crossed a small bridge and captured this quiet shot.  My only wish is that I could have also captured the beautiful noises that went along with it; the soft trickle of the water, the crickets in the grass, and the faint sounds of birds as they were saying good-night.

And finally, still trailing behind, I captured the picture at the top with the beautiful sunset.  Oh, what a magnificent painter my God is!

Now, since I have no idea how to take a good picture of a sunset this particular part of the evening was no different than the other.  Shot after shot was taken with a change in setting here and a change there.  I am pretty sure that I have no idea which is the best aperture and shutter speed for getting just the right shot, but chances are, somewhere in multitude of shots taken I must be getting close closer.

Thank you Father above for the many beautiful things seen on this beautiful summer night.

Now off to find out how to get the best sunset shot.


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