A Letter a Week – B

B is for Balls, Bugs, and Butterflies.

For our B week, we started off with a little bit of coloring..an activity that is quickly becoming one of Pretty Girl’s favorite things to do.

We counted the butterflies and covered them with tokens.

We put together the ball puzzle and matched the sides of the butterflies, identifying each color as we put them together.

We tried out hand at the lacing card again.

We’ll get a hang of it one day!

We had lots of fun practicing B in shaving cream.

And made pretty butterflies out of a coffee filter and watercolors.


We made bear toast and butterfly snack bags.

Idea from FoodBeast

We went blueberry picking and ate LOTS of those blueberries.  You’ve got to check back to find out just what happened on this year’s blueberry exertion.

And to finish it off we enjoyed a day of butterflies and bugs with Gooba, (more on our fun-filled day will be posted later this week).

Once again thank you to Confessions of a Homeschooler and 1+1+1=1 for all of their wonderful printables.


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