Days Spent with Friends and a Gator

When Daddy went out to let the dog in on Friday night and a heard the sound of a train (when no train should be nearby) then I knew we just might be in for a wild ride.  We only spent 10 minutes in the basement (even though it felt like 50) and barely got any rain but as we all know time means nothing when it comes to the weather.

Our electricity flickered, was on, flickered some more and was out.  When we emerged from the basement, all seemed ok.   Houses around us were dark but with not fallen trees or structure damage the electricity should be up and running again in no time.

A few peeks at Facebook a couple of hours later and I started to think that just maybe I was a little bit wrong.  The straight-line winds that ripped through the area did do damage and ended up leaving an unprecedented number of people without power.  The damage was extensive and repair and cleanup was estimated to take days.

So what do you do when you are one of the ones without power and water and the temperatures reach 100 degrees or more for several days in a row?  You invade the space of those few who do have electricity!

So for the last several days we have spent time with dear friends.  We have talked, laughed, and enjoyed the company of each other.  The kids have played, played and played some more.   They have been in water, colored with chalk, and raced marbles.  On one particular night they pulled out the Gator.  It was so much fun watching them take turns driving, riding, and handing off the walkie talkie.

Thank you Lord for beautiful friends and the extra time you gave us to spend time with them.

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