Marble Maze

It has been hot here…unbearably hot.  My car had shown temperatures above 100 degrees on several occasions the last several weeks.  When it is that hot, and there is a 4 month old involved, it’s even too hot for the pool.  So when some extra quality time was needed with BroBro and it was too hot to make our way outside we decided to get creative.  We made our own marble maze.


Materials needed:

*  box or box lid

*  straws cut into various sizes

*  glue gun

*  marble


1.  Cut up the straws.  We ended up cutting 2 pieces that were the exact same size and gluing them on top of each other because they were small enough as individuals that the marble would ‘jump’ over the maze.  This most likely would not happen with thicker (smoothie size) straws.

2.  Hot glue straws so that they make a maze.

3.  Place the marble at the top and HAVE FUN!

Can’t you just see the intense look of concentration?  This marble maze has been a big hit with both BroBro and Pretty Girl.  In addition, it has been much sturdier than I anticipated.  We can’t wait to make a few more with added variations.

Below are some other marble mazes we found in Pinterest.

Teach Preschool

Chasing Cheerios

Therapy Fun Zone


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