I AM still here….I think

I know, I know…I keep disappearing.  Who knew, things are just plan crazy around here.  My to-do list is longer than any notebook created to house it and my ability to accomplish any noticeable amount of it during what should be the kid’s 2-hour rest/nap time seems to be nonexistent.  We’ll get there though.  Being back into the routine of school is helpful and new systems are being implemented.

So far our set routine for school has been pretty successful.  Well, that is as long as everyone cooperates!  This means Pretty Girl keeps herself occupied with the loads of “school toys only” stuff I have compiled, Littlest Man sleeps through the 2-hour stretch it takes us to get through school, and BroBro is efficient in what school work he is given.  Anybody else see the problem I see?  Yep, that very seldom happens!  (insert a good belly laugh here)  So in all honesty, our school routine sometimes works but it is always a work in progress.

All jokes aside, I think maybe, just maybe our house is just most often a crazy mad house and there are days I wonder what in this world am I doing by attempting to teach and parent at the same time.  It sure doesn’t take me long, however to remember exactly why I am doing it.  Teaching and parenting is hard enough done together but even more difficult done apart.  So craziness it will be and routines we will revise, and new systems we will implement.  The day’s craziness always ends in the beauty of these three precious kids.

Just look at those sweet faces!  Craziness, you ask?  Yes, craziness!

See, thing number 1,907,976 on list, DONE – “publish a blog post” – Ok, it’s just a mamma’s heart and may be a bit boring but it is done…better stuff to come.  🙂

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