Movie Maker

When I taught 3rd grade I loved intergrading technology into my lessons.  It was always a sure-fire way to get them interested in the lesson and eager to participate.  I was able to maintain the focus of close to 25 students and the final products were always amazing.

I must admit, I have be a bit lax about also incorporating technology into our homeschool lessons.  I pulled the old tricks out of the bag several weeks ago, however.  I got brave by handing over the digital point and shoot camera and the rest is history.  We have a true photographer and eager movie maker on our hands.

The lesson was about parallel and perpendicular lines. What better way to learn these than to go on a scavenger hunt and find them.  With a few quick pointers on the camera BroBro was off, snapping away at every line that he discovered.  He even got creative asked his sister to hold her arms a specific way so that he could get a good picture of parallel lines.

After the pictures had been captured, I uploaded them to my computer and printed a contact sheet.  This way BroBro could sort out the pictures into the correct stacks.  We glued them to a story board and wrote the caption for each.

Once the pictures were in order in iMoive, BroBro and I sat down together so he could narrate.  We had so much fun.  I loved the way his voice is heard on the movie.  This will be something to cherish.

View BroBro’s video on YouTube.

(Try not to pay too much attention to the youngest in the background – apparently he wanted to be heard too)  😉