A Thanksgiving Feast

Last week our small (but quickly growing) homeschool group got together for a “Thanksgiving Feast”.  The kids in our group range in age from 8 months to 7 years.  If you include the little guys (who will be moving and ‘trying’ to participate before we know it) there are 11 boys and 4 girls.  We typically get together once a month for crafts and games but we thought November might be a good time to add an additional fun time.  We decided to keep it pretty simple.  All the kids dressed in Pilgrim or Indian costumes.

We gathered in a circle and each said what they were thankful for and then we ate.

Our menu included such things as turkey shaped sandwiches, sweet potato fries, grapes, pumpkin muffins, and acorn created deserts.  Once the meal was over the kids created Thanksgiving cards for the residents at at local nursing home.  I bet this is a tradition that they will be asking to be repeated year after year.  Thanks you Jamie, for suggesting such a fun activity and opening up your home for the feast.


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