Jericho and Legos

Legos!  They seem to be a favorite for boys of all ages.  That would be why we have a nice blue box of them sitting on our shelf in the school-slash-playroom.  I envisioned hours of non-stop fun building and pretending as structures real and made-up were created and torn apart, over and over again.

Can you tell by my use of the word “envisioned” that that is not exactly the case.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing more fun then opening a brand new box of legos with all of the pieces neatly packaged and a nice book of directions to create the next contraption but once that fun is over and the contraption has begun to fall apart then the legos are dumped in the big blue box and once again placed on the shelf…until Mom want’s to take a stab at it.

Yesterday that all changed…at least for the day.  Our homeschool curriculum focused on the story of Jericho yesterday and for the fun of it I found this very boyish-Star Wars-lovin’-Lego video.

It may not be completely accurate (kinda doubt they used a train to march around the city or blasters to take down the bad guys) but it sure did get the attention of one 5-year old boy in this house.  The story of David and Goliath has always been one of his favorites but the story of Jericho may have just taking on a new meaning.

By lunchtime we were creating a wall of Jericho ourselves, complete with our very own Star Wars characters.  Note the appropriate positioning of the “good & bad guys”.  It was an important reminder for me of what things I can use and do to grab the attention of my active 5-year old boy.  Watch out Lego Land, here we come.

DSC_0133 DSC_0132