Special Get-Well Delivery

Our family friend is still recovering from her hip replacement so we have our stack of homemade cards sitting by the door and every couple of days we pick one up, say a prayer of healing and stick it in the mail.  We hope that she is finding a good amount of enjoyment out of these series of cards and that they are offering her a bit of a lift-me-up on the days that are hard.  If you missed the post, check out what we did last week when we wanted our get well wishes to last a little bit longer.

DSC_0612This week we discovered that our next door neighbor just had some pretty intensive hand surgery.   The kids were not sure exactly what things she needed but they did know that chocolate is a feel-better medicine for just about anything so we baked a batch of brownies, made a card and then made a special delivery.  We wished our neighbor a speedy recovery and encouraged her to let us know if she needed anything.

What an oh so easy way to show even those in our own backyard that they are being thought of and prayed for during their difficult days.  Don’t forget about the simple things.