Balloon-Powered Lego Car

It’s a motorcycle?  No, it’s a plane?  Wait, it’s a car?  No, it’s a balloon-powered zoom machine!

Frugal Fun 4 Boy’s most recent Lego challenge involved 3 fun things in this house:


Daddy and BroBro worked together to make this balloon-powered contraption.


First BroBro wanted to learn how to blow up balloons.  I was quite surprised at how well he did with this.  And because Pretty Girl wants to do everything her brother does, she too tried.


Once the balloons were finally put to the side, BroBro became interested in how this new toy was going to work.


A plan was put into place.


Daddy and BroBro combined two motorcycles and two triangular pieces (that looked much like airplane wings).  BroBro was interested to know if his special car was actually going to fly.


Finally, the car was set into motion.  There were a handful of unsuccessful attempts.  Including this one where Daddy  tried to pop the balloon for an added affect.


But in the end, our balloon-powered zoom machine moved quite well.  Our longest track went about 17 feet and was only stopped by the wall that it kept hitting because it continued to drive in a rightward direction. BroBro tried to remedy this by setting it off on the neighbors sidewalk but quickly realized that this just wasn’t going to work the same way as it did on the hardwood floors.  He learned that although pavement looks smooth, on closer observation, it is quite rough and this hinders how fast and far small lego wheels travel.

BroBro has brought the car to me several times the last couple of days, so he is eager to try it out again.  Next time we need to try a different model to and see how it compares.



Lego Fun

As I mentioned in my recent post Jericho and Legos, I have been trying to introduce BroBro to the unending fun of the Lego.  The Jericho Wall video and building, did lead to more frequent playing of these fun building toys but they still haven’t quite made it to the top of his must-do list.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a blog post on one of the blogs I follow.  Frugal Fun for Boys had posted their most recent Lego challenge and had presented their new challenge of creating as many different things as you could with the same 25 pieces.

I thought following these challenges would be a fantastic way for BroBro and I to have some Lego fun together and continue to introduce him to the creativity of Lego play.  The very next day we sat down and began pulling out 25 pieces of the same kind.  We had 25 pieces of small blocks, 25 pieces of long blocks, 25 pieces of flat blocks.  We figured we’d challenge ourselves with different groups of 25 pieces and see what types of structures we could construct.

We started to come up with fun patterns.  This is one example of what we did.


We were enjoying it while we were doing it but it began to bewilder me just how the kids at Frugal Fun for Boys “just couldn’t put it down”.  It seemed to me that there was just so many cool and interesting patterns that could be created with the same 25 pieces.  Recently, they posted their pictures and ah, ha, I quickly realized my mistake!  The intention was to use the same 25 pieces in different ways but not necessary the same type of 25 pieces.  As Pretty Girl, always says. “Silly Mommy!”

So we attempted the challenge again.  This time BroBro pulled out 25 random pieces and off to building he went.  Once his first creation was created he reached into the box for a guy.  No, no, that would be 26 pieces.  So he picked one of the pieces to substitute. He made…

DSC_0594animal being ridden by a guy…

DSC_0595a speedboat…

DSC_0596a space rocket…

DSC_0597a lookout tower…

DSC_0598and a helicopter…

BroBro and I enjoyed this Lego challenge.  We look forward to the next challenge.  I haven’t yet told BroBro that the next challenge is to create a balloon-powered car.  I wonder if we can get Daddy involved with this one?

Check out Frugal Fun for Boys Lego Fun Fridays and take the challenge yourself.