Misson Mondays

We are on a mission around here.  A small mission, but hopefully one with a big impact.

Over the course of the last year  I have been drawn to small, specific acts of kindness.  I feel like there  have been so many tragedies lately, both natural and unnatural.  In addition, there are so many people and families locally that are need of support or help.  And even beyond that, I feel that in this extremely busy and over-worked society that so many people that could use extra words of encouragement.

God calls us to serve.  And it is my desire to instill in my kid’s, the heart to serve.  It is my hope that by setting our Monday’s as a Mission Monday that we can find many purposeful ways to help others.  After some time with this mission, I hope that the kids will grow excited about each mission and will begin to come up with their own ideas on how to serve others.  I hope that they will begin to understand the difference they, even as small children, can make on the lives of others.

So, watch out, because we are on a mission.






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