Angry Birds Party

Well, since I am starting to think about my oldest’s 6th birthday I figured it might be time to finish my post on his 5th birthday party.  Better late than never I guess.

Angry Birds Party

Happy Birthday

When my oldest turned 5 and it came time to plan a party there was a toss up.  It was going to be either Star Wars or Angry Birds.

We ended up choosing Angry Birds; I figured Star Wars wasn’t going to go anywhere and I knew that I could pull together some fun and easy-to-put-together activities for Angry Birds.  It turned out to be a real success.


Ok, so there was a little bit of an identity crisis and a combining of the two but what can you do when you are an Angry Bird, Star Wars lovin’ kid?

Thanks to Sherry K. Designs,  and her free Angry Bird Printable Birthday Kit creating an invitation and adding little touches of Angry Bird themed images to the games and items in the goodie bag was a snap.


Games and Activities:  

Life Size Angry Bird game – My husband was responsible for building the sling shot and after testing out several different prototypes as well as several different types of balls we finally figured out which configuration would work best.  The kids had a good time knocking over the boxes both with the balls and with their own bodies.

angry birds game

Angry Birds Game

Bowling:  I created a bowling game by collecting some bottles, adding water with a touch of green food coloring and placing Angry Bird clipart on the front.  The kids used a red ball to knock over the pigs. 

Angry Bird Bowling

Cup Stack:  Also a simple game to pull together.  I stacked cups and the kids used a sling shot I found at Walmart to see how many they could knock over at once.

Angry bird cups

Tattoos:  What party isn’t a party without some fun tattoos?  I found these great tattoos at Target and enlisted some of the girls in the application process.  They had a blast and everyone was decked out with Angry Bird Tattoos.

Angry bird tattoos

tattoos again

tattoos 2

Party Favors:  With the free printable balloon faces found at Party Planning with the Party Animal I created fun, colorful gift bags.  Each bag included a bird whistle, Angry Bird stickers, an Angry Bird coloring page, and an Angry Bird notebook.

Angry birds party favors

Cake and Cupcakes:  One of my favorite aspects of the party was the Angry Bird cake and cupcakes.  I have no artistic bone in my body, not a single one, so the thought of decorating any kind of cake or cupcake is beyond overwhelming.  However after coming across Moments with Montano’s beautifully done Angry Bird cake I knew that I just had to give it a try.  Her cake looked easy enough for even me to do and boy did it look good.  Thank you Melysa for your encouragement!

Angry Bird Cake

Angry Bird Cake and cupcakes

With some Angry Bird cupcake toppers, also from Party Planning with the Party Animal, the whole thing came together.  Happy 5th Birthday BroBro.  I look forward to seeing what we come up with on your 6th.  Will it be Star Wars?

Big tip for birthday parties:  Find a friend to take the pictures.  Thank you so much Brooke, for carrying your camera around that day so I could enjoy the day and not have to worry about making sure I was getting some memorial pictures.