The Newest Blueberry Picking Experience

Each year the kids and I go blueberry picking with my dad.  Because we pick on a farm only a couple of miles from the house in which I grew up and because the blueberries are owned by childhood family friends, the trip is always full of memories.

Memories of the past and yes I most definitely will say memories in the making.

Even though this trip has only been taken 4 years, with kids in tow and cell phone service non exsistant in this area, there is always a story to be told.  One time it was the dead car battery.  Another time it was my dad as a no-show (remember kids in tow).  Once there was a flat tire with very few houses in sight and then there was that stop in the middle of the road.  This year there was to be no exception.

The road that we take to go blueberry picking is quite curvy…ok extremely curvy…more like a roller coaster that they place on the GPS system and call a road but the fastest and easiest route to get to where we are going.  We have never had any definitive experiences with kids getting car sick.  Well, there was that one time we went blueberry picking when Pretty Girl did get a little sick but I was confident that it had more to do with the fact that she was still rear-facing and had been hurriedly shoveled cold yogurt right before heading on the road than it did with her inability to handle the curvy road.  Still, I was a little cautious for her, keeping one eye on the road and one on her as we took each and every turn.  I was ready to stop at the very first sign of Pretty Girl getting sick in the car….and stop we did…3 times in fact….just to get out of the car, walk around a bit, and get some fresh air…and 3 more times for much more messier reasons.  Note to self and any others who may be in need of knowing, when a 2 year old tries to hand off her very favorite, carry-with-her-everywhere stuffed animal to her big brother then be prepared!

On one of these stops I had left my driver’s side door open in a very feeble attempt to quickly get to Pretty Girl and stop what was occurring at that very moment.  Of course with no success, I started the clean up process.  Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a black object sprinting from behind me, jumping into the drivers’s side door and perching itself on the passenger side.  So just what does a mother do when she is cleaning up a not-so-nice-mess, with 3 kids in the car, on a curvy mountain side, with no cell phone service, and a wild animal in the car?  She screams!  Well, that’s exactly what I did…Actually it was more of a half scream and hold-my-breath, what in this world am I going to do now, deal but scream it still was.

So what was this wild animal you ask?  A dog!  A small, frisky, apparently ready-for-a-ride dog.  What in this world was I going to do with the dog in my car?  I stopped to the clean-up process and moved to the passenger side door.  By the time I did, BroBro had voiced “Boo” and the energetic hitch-hicker was off, out of the car and headed up the long driveway we had apparently pulled into in my feverish attempt to pull off the side of the road. Ok, dog out, back to clean up.

So again, a blueberry trip with a story.  And since I did not have the senses about me at the time to snap a picture of the dog and nobody wants a picture of the mess, then those fun peaceful blueberries are my Most Beautiful Things.  I do love those fresh blueberries….and added to that the memories from the past that they bring back…and the memories that they continue to create.

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