The Great Cup Stack!

Do you ever feel that you are always trying to entertain the kids?  I do.  As most moms know, keeping them busy keeps them out of trouble.  Knowing this is the easy part.  Figuring out what will keep them entertained is a different story.  Sometimes we get deep and creative with this but last week we went simple…super simple.

We pulled out the cups!

BroBro had a blast seeing just how high he could stack the cups.  I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves on this one.

We started off small.

And they started getting bigger.

Can’t you just see the excitement!

BroBro wanted to help Pretty Girl…this is a rare moment!

They’re getting even higher

Notice anything a little different about this one?

Even the littlest man was entertained!

Each had their own way of building and their own way of signifying accomplishment.  Pretty Girl enjoyed stacking the cups in small stacks and immediately knocking them over again (I can’t believe I missed the pictures of that part).  BroBro liked seeing how tall he could stack.  He enjoyed the tumbling too, but could only bare this if he was positive that a picture had been taken to prove his achievement.

Sometimes the simplest of things can be the best of things.  The cups were definitely a huge success and I am sure they will make an appearance again soon.

As a sidenote, for those that are curious, there was a purpose behind the different colored cups.  The yellow cups were given to Pretty Girl and the blue ones were given to BroBro.  By designating a color per kid, there was a better chance of each focusing on their own cups and not “stealing” or “tumbling” cups on their way to the top.  When Pretty Girl was not around, Bro Bro combined the collections together to make the biggest tower he could.