Continuing Get Well Cards

DSC_0583We are still working on our Monday Missions but since Monday was a holiday we ended up working on our mission today.  Last week we got word that a family friend had fallen and broken her hip.  She had to have a full hip replacement and will be spending the next 3 weeks in a rehabilitation center.

DSC_0581So, our mission this week was to make and send her a get well card.  As the kids were creating their card I started to think that there might be a way to make these well wishes last a little bit longer.  I asked the kids which they thought would be better if they, themselves where away from their home for an extended length of time.  Would they like to get one card from a friend or maybe several cards over the entire course of time that they were away.  They completely agreed that we should make several cards and send them every few days so that our dear friend would always be surprised.

We went ahead and spent the morning making all of our cards, addressing the envelopes and getting them ready to head out.  We looked at the calendar and determined the days each card would be put in the mail so that at least 2 cards were received each week.  DSC_0584

We prayed for her recovery as we put the first card in the mailbox and put up the flag.  It is our hope that getting a continuous flow of cards over the course of the next 3 weeks will give our family friend a few extra things to smile about.