a gift given to those we LOVE

My one beautiful thing (week 3) this week cannot be just one picture.  Instead, it is a collection of pictures combined to spell a very special Mother’s Day word – LOVE.

In this house, we do take LOTS of pictures.  However, we do not often get those pictures printed.  Us not getting those pictures printed means that grandparents don’t get those printed pictures.  So, as to be expected, grandparents LOVE to get updated pictures of the kids.

So what better gift to give on Mother’s Day than a gift created from….you got it….PICTURES.   This Mother’s Day, our mothers, (and one Granddaddy for his birthday) got a picture of L-O-V-E.  I took  a picture of each of the kids holding a separate letter from the word “LOVE” and then framed them in a 4-picutre frame.

As I look at the group of pictures together, I must say that I LOVE it.

I LOVE how Michaels had the 4-picture frame even though I did not first check to see if the frame existed before embarking on this project.  Thank you Michaels!

I LOVE how simple the gift was to put together (mainly because of the above).

I LOVE how I took all of the pictures in manual mood (a setting that I finally hardly ever move away from).

LOVE the way it turned out.

But more than that,

I LOVE that our mothers live close enough that we were able to get together with them on Mother’s Day, spend time with them and give them their gifts.

I LOVE the expressions on their faces when they saw the gift they were given.  What grandparent isn’t a sucker for pictures of the grandkids?

I LOVE that we were able to bring them joy on a day that signifies the LOVE we have for them.

And Most of all, I LOVE that God has given my husband and I the gift of life under the families we so dearly LOVE and continued his gifts through the children we LOVE.  We have been richly blessed.

One Beautiful Thing