A is for Apples and Astronauts

(exploring the letter “A”, part 2)

Day 4:

Pretty girl continued to explore the letter “A” last week.  We started day 4 in the kitchen by making a Puffed Apple Pancake.  Yum, Yum!  

We continued by bingo stamping our way through the letter A maze and coloring an A page.  Pretty girl has really gotten into “coloring” lately.  She works diligently to cover as much of the page as she can and ends up producing a very colorful masterpiece.

Next we practiced drawing straight lines from one apple to another and then took a stab at cutting those lines.  The printable can be found at at Tot School Printables.

For our afternoon project we made our own apple pie play dough.  MawMaw got to join in on the fun.  She helped us shape the letter A and create our own play-dough apples.


Day 5:

On our last day we joined Gooba from The Gooba Diaries for a fun filled Astronaut Adventure.  We made pretty pictures by painting moon shapes and gluing on the letter A surrounded by a sky full of finger painted glitter stars.

Gooba’s mommy had also made the girls (along with BroBro) gel space bags.  This was my personal favorite.  She filled each ziplock bag with hair gel, a drop of black paint and glitter and then taped them tightly closed.  The kids practiced drawing the upper and lower case A and then to shapes and scribbles.

Moon bags were followed by a space ball snack, (yummy) and free play in the pink spaceship that had somehow landed in the middle of our living room.

Oh no, we found the aliens!  They were drawn all over the driveway and needed to be terminated.  First the kids tried to accomplish this by jumping on them as we called out their colors.  When this didn’t work the kids then began to attack with their trusty squirt bottles.  In order to completely eliminate the threat it was important that each alien was completely washed away so a few last looks for a lingering foot, hand or eye was important.

With the aliens under control we then were able to play with the moon sand they left behind.  Hidden in the sand were rocks with big and little “A”s written on them.  As each rock was discovered,  the girls sorted them into the correct crater of  little “a” or big “A”.  I was very impressed by Pretty Girl’s quick ability to sort the rocks she found.










After a break for lunch and more time in the spaceship we created our own telescopes out of toilet paper rolls and used them to go on a hunt for neon orange moon rocks.

What a great day is was.  Thank you Gooba for the Awesome “A” Adventure.  We look forward to next week!


A letter a week (A)

A is for Apple (part 1)


Our fist week of teaching the tot started with…what else, but the letter A.

We sang the alphabet song and read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr.

We identified and colored the letter A as well as pictures that started with the letter A.  Pretty Girl choose to use a marker on this day and for whatever reason spent a great deal of time coloring her page until the letter A was no longer recognizable.  She even let BroBro take a stab at coloring the Alligator.  Even when I tried to put her coloring page away, she wanted to color more.  This was time well spent.

For snack we ate…you got it… red apples.

Later in the day we pulled out the paint shirts.  I cut an apple to show off the star on the inside and then let them print away.  They used red, green, and yellow.  I was hoping the star would show up but I can’t say it did, even when I, myself tried.  No big deal, though, they both enjoyed investigating the different prints that can be made just by the different ways that you place the apple on the paper.



On our second day of exploring the letter A, Pretty Girl got to play with one of her favorite things:  the bingo marker.  She used the marker to stamp the As on the the paper.   Because she loves the stamper so much I was a bit surprised when she proclaimed “All done!” after stamping the last A.  I totally expected her to  proceed with the stamping until the entire page was full of red circles.  She did a great job of getting the stamps on the A though.  I am sure the stamper will make another appearance soon.

Next, we pulled out the lacing Apple to which she stated “You do, Mommy”.  When I gladly accepted, she intently watched.  When I placed it to the side she looked at it for only a few moments and then I guess her curiosity got the best of her.  It wasn’t long before I saw her pick up the apple, unlace the last few holes and then place them back in.  We’ll see how many times Mommy has to do it before she is confident enough to try it on her own.

Lunch today was accompanied by Grapples, a tasty grape-flavored apple which is never bought due to its ridiculous cost (and the fact that a grape-flavored apple is just weird).  Neither one of the kids noticed a difference until I pointed it out.  Looks like regular apples it will continue to be.

For our after lunch craft we made apple sun catchers (so pretty and easy to do). 

We feasted on apple smiles.  Mine just didn’t turn out as nice as the ones found on Pinterest (check out my A-F board to see some of my pins).  They look more like snaggle teeth but with the inclusion of the marshmallow, they were still a big hit.


Today was such a great day spent with Pretty Girl and her A activities.

First she wanted to re-read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom after which I had her look at a list of letters and pick out the the correct letter.  Once she did, we cut, colored and taped the letter A on her own tree.

Today was also spent putting together Apple puzzles.  We have 2 different puzzles, one with 3 pieces and one with 6 pieces.  I have placed magnets on the back of each of these and Pretty Girl loves lining up the pieces on the cookie tray.  She is not very good at getting the pieces in the correct place yet but I look forward to watching her learn this recognition skill as we continue to repeat the same puzzles over and over.

We easily matched the shadow of the apple with the apple picture. I was highly impressed by her ability to do this without any difficulty.  Looks like we need to add some additional images to this task.

Pretty girl also had fun matching the apple seeds with the beans (they look like seeds, right?).  First I had her cover each of the seeds with a bean.  Then I tried to get her to move the seeds to the blank space, thus matching the number of seeds to the number of beans.  She preferred putting the beans on the seeds.  🙂

Before heading to the pool we also squeezed in an apple paper plate craft.  Can you tell which one was done by the Kindergartner and which was done by the Tot?  Paint is always a hit in this house.

Tonight for dinner we will be making our own applesauce.  Apples are already in the crockpot.  Awesome A.  What fun we are having.  Check back in a few days to see how we finished our week of A.


Printables we used can be found at 1+1+1=1 and Confessions of a Homeschooler, ABCs and 123.  Thank you to both of these wonderful women who have so graciously shared their work.

Also check out my IRL friend from The Gooba Diaries, who is also doing a letter a week with her Tot.