A Special Birthday Card


We are now on our 3rd Mission Monday.  It was so exciting to hear BroBro ask this morning what it was we were going to do for our Mission day.  He was ahead of me though, because I didn’t really have planned what it was that we were doing.  Things were even more complicated by the trip to the pediatrician for a bad case of poison ivy that just doesn’t seem to be going away and the hour wait we had while we were there.  Somehow the idea of the steroid medicine they recommend he start just didn’t seem to be an exciting treatment after managing all three closed in a small doctor’s room for that length of time.  Note to self:  Never, ever, ever schedule an appointment so close to the time that you have to walk out the door without grabbing the snacks/toys/distractions that are often needed in situations such as this.

So after the crazy morning, Mission Monday required something that could be done at home and was possible to implement without a trip to the store for supplies. I searched my pinned service ideas and came across the site Hugs and Hope for Children.  This website was created as a ministry of encouragement for children battling critical illness. Each month features new stories and photos of sick children. The idea is to pray for, encourage, and send these children cheery postal mail.



Since there were no new kids listed, we pulled up the birthdays for May and decided to make a few kids on the list Happy Birthday cards.  Jaxson used this crumbled paper technique to decorate the outside and wrote each kid a special note inside.  To extend this project we also wrote the name of each child for which we created a card on our calendar.  This way when their birthday rolls around we can say a special prayer for that child.

I am really happy with how today’s mission turned out.  I am sure we will revisit this one often.