Beautiful Strawberries

(One Beautiful Thing, Week 2)

We live on almost 3 acres of land.

There are some days when my husband, who grew up in Philadelphia, is overwhelmed by the amount of mowing, weeding, planting, mulching, and overall maintaining that is involved.  And even though, I know its nowhere close to the hundred plus acres I grew up with, some days, so am I.

Today is NOT one of those days.

We have a strawberry patch planted just off of our back deck.  It is what has grown from 3 small strawberry plants planted about 4 years ago.  I love strawberry plants.  With all of the maintenance that other gardening requires, these come back year after year, and require nothing but our quick hands to pluck their bounty.

The strawberries have now ripened!

So, today’s beautiful thing is the bowl of strawberries we just picked from this patch.  They have just started coming in and the kids LOVE going out to find the prettiest ones.  I enjoy so much, the smiles that cover their faces as they search for the reddest and ripest strawberry and quickly delight in its sweet flavor.  On most occasions I do good to get half of what is actually on the vines into the house.  Most are picked with little hands and quickly popped into eager mouths before I even know they exist.  What a joy to have 3 acres of land!

Thank you dear God, for this beautiful bowl of strawberries and the joy that it brings to the little hands that pick them.  

One Beautiful Thing