Teaching the Tot

Pretty Girl just turned 2 and we are doing some tot-school around here.  I know, I know, summer has arrived and we should be in full vacation mood but honestly this time has been quite enjoyable.

I am thinking that with a first year attempt at homeschooling her older brother in Kindergarten, as well as a (higher-risk) pregnant mommy, numerous doctor appointments, a new baby brother, and many, many, many doctor appointments that maybe, just maybe Prettty Girl is due the special one-on-one time that Tot-School affords her.  In all truth it just might help me to see just what it is she really knows…’cause I have NO idea.

So beginning this week we are doing a letter a week.  Each week we will focus on one letter of the alphabet, and learn to recognize that letter as well as learn the sound it makes.  We’ll learn what words start with that letter and practice fine motor skills.  We’ll include several crafts and incorporate food whenever possible, because Pretty Girl likes her some food.

Each week, we’ll also meet up with Gooba from The Gooba Diaries and have a little bit of ‘girl time’ playing around with the letter of that week.  This, I am sure will be a hi-light of the week as actual “girl” time is near non-exsistant around here; Pretty Girl is waaaaay outnumbered by the boys in our circle of friends.

BroBro is getting pretty excited about Tot-school too.  I can’t quite figure out if its because he knows she is doing “school” and he isn’t or if he is genially eager to help her learn.  Only time will tell on this one but since this is currently one of the character traits that is in need of much help in this house, I am suspecting the extra time practicing that on BroBro’s part will also be of benefit.

So, ready to have some fun.  Sounds like summer school is on.  Well, only if you call fun with food, crafts, and friends school.


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