Teaching with Technology

When I taught in the public school I LOVED incorporating technology into our lessons.  I was ‘that’ teacher who always had the ipod or ipad cart, the extra digital cameras, or the handheld gps systems.  I had the technology resource teacher scheduled on a monthly basis and I always had projects planned that would assess the kids knowledge but with the added fun of technology.  The kids loved it.  There were engaged in what they were doing and the project outcomes were always fun to see.

For some reason, being at home and homeschooling my kids has led me in different directions.  Because of their quick addictive behaviors, I have most often stayed away from the computer, iPad and other technological components.  Recently I attended an iLearn class where I was once again reminded of the education components that are associated with technology.  Somewhere along the line I had forgotten just how much I could incorporate these things into what BroBro is doing, not as another game he is playing but instead as a way to further what he is learning and in an even better way create and show others what he is learning.

So here, I make my vow to once again become “that” teacher.  The one that has fun teaching the needed material but then also finds ways to bring in the element of technology.  It’s only fair that my own son have the same opportunity to show what he has learned in the same hands-on, engaging way that my 3rd grades experienced.


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